Mahindra kuv100 On Road price and review

I love it to see it first time and for sure I become fan of its look. Yes it is Mahindra kuv100 hatchpak suv. Every person will like the look at first impression that why its demand able to buy. I have don a lot of searches and survey on this car and some thing i found very good but not every thing. Yes off-course I am a human and human can do mistakes so if my all study or research shows bad things from your point of view then i apologies for it. Yes Its all my personal mind thinking which i am going to tell you in this review of the car Mahindra kuv100. As like my condition every person wants to buy a good stylish, strong, impeccable, super fast, fast speed pickup and very good millage car. Yeah its look some time dreamy but may be its every person choice. Mahindra kuv100 is a hatchback suv car with strong dashing style. Like me and you every person do hard work to earn money and wants to buy a good luxury and special car form his choice. So i took all these things in my mind to do research and survey for this car that i can give a real true review of this car to my website readers.

As per one customer review for this car it can be bitter but he says exterior is good, looks is also good and car is spacious but he purchased petrol version of car, drove the car more around 3000km and face a lot of issues till date like blocking in 4th and 5th gear. he was stuck to change it on highway and it can be prone to accident.

The best ever positive things in this car of about space and comforter. Every buyer of this car says it has great interior styling and perfectly attractive positioning of the gear knob. this car is excellent in terms of comfort. The material used for interior is good quality. Engine performance is very good for those have little little less patience driving in city. You can switch your car in eco mode to get better mileage which is 21km per liter in city.

Car has one plus point that in front seat 3 person can adjust easily.

Mahindra kuv100 On Road price and review
Mahindra kuv100 front seats


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